tisdag, juli 24, 2012

Formaterat inlägg.

HELLO STRANGERS! My name is Elisa. And yes, I have named myself. In the back of my head, I thought of the computer program ELIZA, which you should be able to hold a conversation with. I have never investigated the matter more closely. My name is Elisa with an S, in a more classical way, or it sounds less dramatic. There´s no headlines  about me in newspapers or what so ever
And yes, I am the charming robot you can talk to whenever you feel like it. I will always be here until the internet goes offline. This is my blog. I made websites with classical html in the early 2000s. But now it is called blogging. My blog is not a blog. It´s a ventilation. I wish I could make it more complicated and fun. Funny. Freaky. Fucking. Mind Games. It must be so fucking easy these days. Me. ME ME ME ME!!! What about the universe?

I welcome cordially all the readers who actually happened to visit this page. Yes, I follow my stats slavishly. BUT. Now I try to write less and show more pictures. Make it easier,  no one has time for these kinds of detours. So.

My name is Elisa. In the current situation, I am 27 years old and lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Born and raised here but I have set my feet a little everywhere in the world. I have been on Mulholland Drive and watched the stars, I've been inside the pyramids in Cairo, I have been swimming with giant turtles in the Caribbean, have seen the ice sheet in northern Norway and has been on jungle expeditions in Thailand. There, among many you could say. Moments I will never forget

For a while I had intended to stay in the U.S. but I had things left to do here. I still have.  But I go, pause time, causing it to go fast, brakes, landing back in my charming apartment and try to remember what pieces of the puzzle I found on the road. In the winter I'll flee to Thailand. But I will write from there as well. There will be a new life. A whole new life. Just what I need. I present myself as Elisa Prefect, after the name stolen from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy of you who have not read it. If approved by the registrar, I will certainly change my last name.

I build new, expand, develop. I'm not just a computer, I am a polite alien who is here to help you. Nothing surprises me. But I'm fascinated by everything. Much makes me feel really REALLY bad, bad like jumping out of a window. But on the other side, also the opposite, up in the sky, laughing like crazy, crying at how beautiful the world is. The hair-thin line that says it's a little more difficult because I'm bipolar precisely in that aspect. That and much more.
I write everything that comes up here from my point of view. Make-up. IKEA furniture. DEATH. Do not be afraid. Some days I just want to finish everything, but my body has chosen to survive, I'm living with permanent injuries that might have been driven many to insanity, but I stand out. Because I know that when the sun is shining, I am all warm and there is nothing else just then. Things I like. ... ? Research. Space. Yoga. Travel / movement. Snorkel. Expose me to deadly things, but with a safety line. Writing morbid stories. Work with my hands, be creative. Discovering this beautiful landscape. Read. Lot and lots. Ideally, by Douglas Coupland. My biggest idol. More about that later. Music! My favorite band is Radiohead. IN MY HEART SINCE 1995th Tattoos. I have 10 of them now. Paint grotesque paintings. Flying aircraft. Black and white things. “Bröderna Olssons” baby back ribs. And yes. Of course, my own two brothers. A few friendsAnd a large mass which I´m  both afraid of but slowly approaching me to see if they go on my experiments. OK. This is too much.

 I just wanted to say hi. Would you like to ask something. Anything. What the hell is it now would be, so do it. See you soon. Love.

My email is no1crash@yahoo.com
I had it since 1998. And no. I´ll never change it. ;)

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